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Rampant Crime

Auto theft is up 62%

Robbery is up 30%

Property Crime is up 19%

Violent Crime is up 12%

We have a shortage of police officers. We have a Commonwealth's Attorney who refuses to prosecute criminals.  And our businesses and citizens are told, essentially that they are on their own in dealing with crimes against their persons and properties. Many of our large grocery stores have had to close on of their entrances in an attempt to curtail rampant shoplifting.

Prosecutions of criminals is the best way to reduce and eliminate crime.  I will push to hold the Commonwealth's Attorney accountable for doing his job instead of following the 'woke' agenda of George Soros et al.

County Government Reform

Property taxes have skyrocketed via the stealthy behind the curtain re-interpretation of the assessment methodology. This new tax and spend enabling to borrow heavily from the latest strategy of the Capitol Hill Democrats i.e., taxing unrealized gains.

Anyone who has witnessed the markets go up and down knows that your property is only as valuable as what a buyer is willing to pay at the settlement table. Now, the Fairfax County Tax Assessor has ginned up a scheme whereby EVERY house in the County is going to be re-assessed every year based on the sales experience of the previous twelve months.

The past twelve months have been the most speculation driven, hyper inflated housing market in Fairfax County's history. Aside from that, there are still many concrete reasons that will illuminate just what an egregious wealth confiscation this new assessment method is.

Local governments in Virginia must obtain permission from our state government in Richmond before they can act on their own discretion. Whether it is levying a new tax or changing a statewide building code enforcement, permission must be obtained from the state government. This is known as the Dillon Rule.

As it pertains to our taxes, Fairfax County cannot levy an income tax on its citizens because that permission has not been granted.  It has obtained permission to levy a new meals tax, a plastic bag tax at the grocery checkout etc.  I believe that the current change to our property tax assessment has fundamentally changed that levy from a property tax to a capital gains tax.  A property tax is designed to cover the cost of the multitude of services provided by a local municipality to each individual property i.e. first responders et al, government operating expenses, Clerk's office, Courts etc. When I'm elected, I will seek clarification of this matter from Richmond.

Consumer Protection

From schools to government services to rampant warranty schemes, Fairfax County residents are being abused by poor service, dishonest promotions and systemic abuses.  In my campaigning, I have heard complaints ranging from nonperformance of home warranty companies to heavy handed treatment by County employees on the personal level.  There is also growing concern over the return on an ever-increasing school budget even though there has been a steep decline in the number of students in our schools.  It is time to put citizens first again.

Parental Rights 

Fundamental Parental Rights have been under full assault since the beginning of the government overreach in the name of COVID-19. Beginning with the radical NEA agendas being foisted on their children, parents have been rudely awakened to the claim that they do not have the right or even a say in how their children are being taught and treated in Fairfax County Public Schools.

I will work with all parents' groups to re-assert (barring due process that mitigates those rights) and codify a parent's right to be the ultimate arbiter of how their child is to be educated and treated while at school.

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