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America's Promise still resonates among younger first generation Americans!  They are the fulfillment of the promise that America made to their parents. If you dream big and work hard, you will be able to provide a better for your families and your children. We share the same values, hopes and convictions for our familes.  The challenge before us is to keep that promise to future generations.

Unfortunately, the people in office today are breaking that promise and re-negotiating the deal.  They want to determine what kind of a future your children will have.  And it is not one of bright promise based on the content of their character and their God given talents and abilities.  Under the present education system in Fairfax County, their future is dark, dystopian and racist.  Their prospects will be limited by the color of their skin and imbued with the negative ideology of victimization and CRT.



My speech at the Liberty Republican Women's Club. Great crowd! 


I had the honor of addressing the campaign kickoff of my good friend and fellow candidate Ahmed Hussein. My theme of 'Keeping America's Promise' continues to resonate across a wide and diverse audience.

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