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Why do we have political parties?

Why do we have political parties?

If your answer is to get members of our party elected, then the Fairfax County Republican Committee needs profound change.  Out of fifty-five seats voted upon last year, only one Republican won his election.

If your answer is to promote our common core beliefs, then again, profound change is required in the leadership of the FCRC.  Two years ago, a firestorm erupted in the Loudoun County School system.  It went viral and grew nationwide.  It got our Republican governor elected over the Democrat odds on favorite, Terry McAuliff.  And yet in last November’s election, NOT ONE Republican nor any independent conservative won a seat on the Fairfax County School Board.  In two short years, the FCRC managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory and squander the strongest political groundswell we’ve seen in recent history.

If your answer is to prevent the radical leftist, woke, tax and spend liberal political agenda of the current regime in Fairfax County, then the FCRC has been absent from the field of battle.  They say all politics is local.

The FCRC is adrift.  Indecision, inaction and inability to lead on major issues have rendered it the perfect target for the Democrats.  They have so diminished the brand that very good conservative candidates choose to run as independents rather than be labelled Republican.

To address all of these issues, I am compelled to throw my hat in the ring for election as chairman of the FCRC.

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